Welcome To The Mind Body Spirit Coach, Cleveland, Ohio and Intuition Development Coach Susan Fox, CH, AA

at Brainview Training Institute

Mind Body Spirit Coach Susan Fox conveniently trains and coaches clients globally. She coaches people  over the internet and locally in Ohio at the following locations using an alternative health and complimentary health approach to natural stress reduction, chronic conditions/pain relief, palliative care and end-of-life care needs:

Avon, Ohio, and Avon Lake, Cleveland, North Ridgeville, Sheffield Lake, Westlake, Lakewood, Rocky River and Bay Village


As you watch TV news, programs, advertisement, they all suggest that you be who THEY tell you to be.  That is not your true, genuine, spiritual self.  That is a worldly self.  And the worldly self is only your temporary, outer self.  Mind body Spirit Coach Susan Fox encourages you to focus from within your own mind to be happy.

When you train with Susan you’ll learn about how to release overwhelm and fear.  Releasing anger is another thing you’ll learn.  You’ll be able to let go of deep grief and sadness.  You’ll also stop living under false pretenses also called “trying tos.”  When you live under false pretenses, you “try to” be something you are not or do something unrealistic for you to do.  This almost always leads to creating stress and tension.

Using natural stress reduction techniques such as hypnosis, Jin Shin Jyutsu and brain thinking strategies, you’ll learn how to more effectively manage your chronic pain, stress and work with end-of-life concerns.  The products and techniques all may be considered alternative health techniques, strategies and methods used by millions of people in support of what your medical professionals are doing.  Products will be natural ones such as essential oils, organic sulfur or nutritional supplements.

Additionally, you’ll discover that using hypnosis, chakra clearing, energy clearing, NLP, EFT, Jin Shin Jyutsu and other energy moving techniques can help you achieve the goals most important to you.  Finally, those who need spiritual guidance for end-of-life care can learn from Susan’s own experiences in working with those getting ready to cross over.

The only things you can take with you after you leave this earth are your memories and lessons learned while on this big blue marble.  So, doesn’t it make better sense to listen to your intuition, your spiritual, higher self friend who always has your back?

Your intuition never asks you to be who you are not.  It encourages you to always live in genuine prosperity. That’s why you help yourself immensely when you tap into the mind body spirit coach within you, your intuition! Brainview Training Institute Home of the Mind Body Spirit Coach Susan Fox helps you develop your intuitive skills.

Want to feel more comfortable using your intuition and the power of your own mind? It is possible.  Join millions of other women who already do it.

The Mind Body Spirit Coach susan fox, Cleveland, Ohio Works PREDOMINANTLY With Women

If you are a woman, a pregnant woman, already a mom, you get gut feelings.  By developing a relationship with those gut feelings, you can live a higher evolved life.  If spirituality is important to you, let me help you develop this skill.

If you are pregnant and want to connect with your baby before your baby is born, I can help you develop dialogs with your baby while he or she is still in the fetal stage.  My son started reading when he was 16 months old.  Learning is easy for him.  Math is easy for him.  I give a lot of credit to his developed learning skills to the preparation we enjoyed while he was still inside my womb.  And, the continuation of that training as a toddler, through childhood and until the present day.  (He is now 26 years old and still uses the techniques I taught him growing up to excel being who he loves to be!)  You can have that for your child and family, too.  All by developing your intuitive skills and developing and sharing them with your family.

Want to use natural techniques for chronic conditions?  Again, it is by tapping into your higher wisdom you can reduce tension, stress and let go of the worry habit.  Let me help you respect yourself, acknowledge that you are valuable for who you are, find peace from within like I’ve already helped thousands of women do.


Mind Body Spirit Coach susan fox helps you feel comfortable being who you are.  respect yourself.  enjoy a happier, more meaningful life!

Contact me at brainviewtraininginstitute@gmail.com and lets talk about it! – Hugs, Susan


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