Welcome to the Brainview Blog.  In my blog articles you’ll read exciting information about how you can connect with your intuition.  A mind body spirit coach helps you live in your earth world through the guidance of your intuition.

What exactly is your intuition?  Check out this article about it.  I encourage you to write me with your questions and comments.  I am here to coach you so you can tap into your real self and be genuinely happy.


What Else Will You Read in The Brainview Blog?

I look for information that helps you tap into your inner mind body spirit coach, your intuition.  When you go with your gut, in other words your intuition, you get an entirely different perspective on life.  That’s why I also offer brief videos to help you befriend your intuition as well.

Ever feel alone?  That is NOT your intuition guiding you to feel alone.  It is only your human mind telling you to feel that feeling.  The truth is, you can feel any feeling you choose to feel.  Sometimes when you get too bogged down believing IN to your subconscious mind through your conscious mind worldly ideas, you start to feel alone.  If you believe you are unable to live up to worldly expectations of what true happiness is, you create and/or access untrue mind chatter. Your intuition never guides you to believe IN stressful ideas.  Instead, it encourages you to imagine and believe IN mindfulness meditations of peace, harmony and happiness.

Are you struggling with some kind of pain either physical, mental or spiritual?  If so, you need a mind body spirit coach to show you how to go with your gut instead of the world’s views of things.

Please read the blog posts I write here and share them with your friends.  Write me an email at brainviewtraininginstitute@gmail and ask for my free ebook Woman’s Intution: Are You Open To It?  You’ll love it!

Catch you in the harmony!





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