Chicken Soup Can Wait - Audio Version
Chicken Soup Can Wait – Audio Version

The French Philosopher, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, created the famous quote, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”  In keeping with this idea, when people start to cross over, they … Read More

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Intuitive Messages From Your Crossed Over Loved Ones

Intuitive Messages From Your Crossed Over Loved Ones


Do you know that when your spirit comes out of its physical body, you are still an eternal being?  You no longer live like a human because you are a spiritual being once again.

Our crossed over loved ones want us to know certain things.  For some reason, I can hear and see them unlike most people on the earth today.  If you want to know about how your crossed over loved one is doing, this is a very effective way to “get the message.”


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The Coma Whisperer

In The Coma Whisperer, professional clinical hypnotist Susan Fox shares her captivating experience with clinically dead and then revived, eight-year-old Jonathan. This story, based on actual events, reveals proof positive you can reduce stress and communicate with some people in a vegetative state using guided imagery and positive suggestion.

If you are a baby boomer or a caregiver, this book offers hope, love, and comfort and may help you understand a deeper purpose as a caregiver. Reading Jonathan’s story, you’ll get information supporting the belief we never die.

Moving and inspiring, this account gives the process of how to connect. Imagine becoming a caregiver who knows how to effectively speak to someone in a consciously-challenged state. The Coma Whisperer gives you a glimpse into the power of words for bringing unconditional love and peace to a comatose/vegetative state loved one.

New questions may surface about the afterlife as Susan presents a controversial and unique perspective.  How well can those in coma or vegetative state connect with their caregivers?  This is an amazing and courageous account of how caregivers can uniquely improve quality of life.

Overwhelmingly positive in nature, the extraordinary story of The Coma Whisperer may forever change the way you see your world.  Here spirituality emerges through a mix of science and actual life experience.  Find uplifting connections and awaken the spirit within while exploring life’s possibilities…

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