Welcome To The Mind Body Spirit Coach, Cleveland, Ohio and Alternative Health Stress Reduction Coach Susan Fox, CH, AA

at Brainview Training Institute

Mind Body Spirit Coach Susan Fox conveniently trains and coaches women globally using alternative health stress reduction techniques. She coaches women over the internet and locally in Ohio at the following locations:

Avon, Ohio, and Avon Lake, Cleveland, North Ridgeville, Sheffield Lake, Westlake, Lakewood, Rocky River and Bay Village


Inner stress begins by perceiving a situation or relationship conflicts with some aspect of yourself. Change your perceptions and you naturally reduce your stress.

Each of us experiences stress.  Natural stress management techniques help you enjoy living again without using drugs. Instead, you use the power of your own mind to naturally reduce your stress restore your body’s natural energy patterns.

A Sense Of Loss Causes Inner Stress

I have worked with many different people helping them through the end of life event, serious health issues like cancer, divorce, job change, personal transitions, dementia, stroke recovery and even coma.  When your life changes, it can be stressful.  However, nothing really prepares you to deal with the stress associated with a feeling of loss.

There is natural help for dealing with loss. It is easier to live your most meaningful life when you plan ahead of time.  Think about how you want your future to be. There is a natural song of love within you.  Stress suppresses that inner song.  Expressing the love within you reduces the stress within you!

Stress Reduction Coach

The alternative health, stress reduction coaching sessions I offer have nothing to do with any religion or medical condition.  The techniques you learn and employ in our sessions are based in the natural state of how your mind/spirit/body work together.

When you get the stress reduction training you need, your entire life can change for the better. You can learn how to reduce or eliminate feeling alone, afraid, disappointed, overwhelmed, hopeless and/or misunderstood. These techniques really work.  Just ask my clients!

Using natural stress reduction techniques such as hypnosis, Jin Shin Jyutsu and brain thinking strategies, you’ll learn how to more effectively manage your stress triggers.  The products and techniques all may be considered alternative health techniques, strategies and methods used by millions of people in support of what your medical professionals are doing.  Products are natural ones such as essential oils, organic sulfur, proven benefits of cbd oil or other nutritional supplements.

Additionally, you’ll discover that using hypnosis, chakra clearing, energy clearing, NLP, EFT, Jin Shin Jyutsu and other energy moving techniques can help you achieve the goals most important to you.

Want to feel more comfortable expressing your inner song?  It is possible when you open your mind to simple, yet proven-effective, stress reduction techniques.  Join thousands of other women already using these techniques.

 Mind Body Spirit Coach Susan Fox helps you feel comfortable being who you are.  respect yourself.  enjoy a happier, more meaningful life!

Contact me at [email protected] and lets talk about it! – Hugs, Susan


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