Quality of Life: Acknowledgement of Your Best Efforts

Why do you want the acknowledgement that your best efforts are good enough for you? It helps you to develop feelings of being grateful. The more you feel grateful for what you have, the more you attract more of those situations into your life. Self acknowledgment truly is a skill. Build it and see how much you really can rely on yourself to live a happy life. This attitude and skill is one empowerment talent at the core of true happiness.


When you acknowledge you are good enough just as you are, you build self-esteem, true happiness and optimistic feelings about your self-image. Having a health self-image helps you feel happy. When you FEEL happy, you ARE happy.


You have open to you many opportunities to choose the thoughts you want to think to live the life you prefer. Whatever you perceive your reality to be becomes your reality. Therefore, thinking about and feeling happy about your choices helps you experience continuous happiness.


To see how you’re doing and feeling about your personal value, measure how strong that belief is. Use this simple method to figure out if you’re on the right track:


  • Check in on how you feel about acknowledging your best efforts as valuable. They directly correspond to beliefs about your personal worth. When you feel you are valuable you ARE valuable.
  • Close your eyes and relax.
  • Imagine you can see a gauge in your imagination to measure how strongly you feel you are personally valuable. Ask yourself, “From 0-10, with zero meaning I consider my contributions as having little value and 10 being the most satisfying, magnificent, delightfully happy notion I feel I am of infinite worth, how strongly do I believe I am personally valuable and live the highest quality of life?” If you are currently involved in a situation where you feel your contributions are pretty worthless, change that belief. Focus on times in the past your contributions felt valuable. Notice what you were focusing on during THOSE past successes. By changing the thoughts you think in this present moment, you really CAN improve the situation to feel happier.
  • Listen to your intuition. It will prompt you, if you invite it to, to suggest different things you can think and do to feel happy. Make sure you act when requested to act. The genuinely encouraging suggestions from your loving intuition are always here for you. The competitive sounding or feelings suggestions are from your own mind confusing you. Just go for the peace!