Quality of Life: Do What You Can Do

Why do you want to enjoy the best quality of life? The best quality of life builds true happiness. We do this by developing the skills found within the mind body connection. Within the mind body connection listening to our intuition, we develop a spiritual connection to a Universe of Love and peace.


Our intuition naturally directs us to live happily as an invisible high intelligence source within us. Following it, we can live a relatively low stress lifestyle. Choosing the intuitive lifestyle, we’ve connected to the mind body connection.


The high intelligence within us guides us to create and sustain genuinely happy relationships. Our world is all about relationships. So focusing on meaningful quality of life from our intuition supports happy relationships.


Humans all have a limited amount of time to live earth life. We can live it enjoying happy relationships by focusing on what we can do to live happily.


You have choices about how to live your life. You can focus on thinking optimistically about a situation and create a plan to feel happy using your own mind. In other words, you can try to figure out what really makes you feel genuinely happy.


Or, you can work with your intuition. Let it guide you about which choices provide genuine happiness. By developing a genuine relationship following your intuition doesn’t it seem like there is an invisible, loving, supportive team in your life? I know it does for me.


All behavior begin by thinking thoughts. Understanding the motive behind your desire to do any certain action will determine what you ultimately do. So what are your desires? Share them with your intuition to get the wisest counsel on what to do during life.


We think thoughts and use them to act out a mental script based on the thoughts we think. When we think about living according to a loving quality of life, we improve our chances of attracting people who think like we do. By desiring to live by a high quality of your life, that’s the most likely way you’ll live.


What can you do to know you’re on the right track?


  • Check in on how you feel about your beliefs. Are you focusing on living according to a high quality of life? If so, measure how strong that belief is. Use this simple method:
  • Close your eyes and relax.
  • Imagine you can see a gauge to measure how strongly you believe you’re living a high quality of life. Ask yourself, “From 0-10, with zero meaning I feel nothing and 10 being the strongest feeling, how strongly do I believe I live a high quality of life?” If you feel in the current situation you feel unhappy, change that belief by focusing on what you really CAN do to improve the situation to feel genuinely happy.
  • When your intuition prompts you to act, follow that action. The genuinely peaceful ones are your intuition prompting you. The ones that make no logical sense are your own mind confusing you. go for the peaceful, inner feelings instead of the confusion.