Feeling Peace Within

If you’re looking for natural stress relief while caregiving, feeling peace within is a good start. But many people don’t know how to feel peace within. Inner peace seems to just be out of their reach. The main strategy to … Read More

Being a Caregiver and Being Prepared for the Unexpected

As a caregiver, sometimes the unexpected happens. This last week a friend, colleague and caregiver to her aging mother survived the imminent crossing over event. We can prepare practically and logically for the event but when it actually happens, emotions … Read More

Why Do Near Death Experiences Happen?

Who are you and where do you come from? You may have heard about the French philospher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Many people who do palliative care or crossing over work quote his famous philosophy. He said, “We are not … Read More

Ever Have a Near Death Experience?

Are you a Baby Boomer caregiver for your aging parents? Many of us are. When you see your aging parent slowly slipping away, he or she might start talking to deceased relatives, angels or invisible pets. Is he or she … Read More