Why Do Near Death Experiences Happen?

Who are you and where do you come from? You may have heard about the French philospher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Many people who do palliative care or crossing over work quote his famous philosophy. He said, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” If you believe this philosophy, you may be able to relate to his words when it comes to life after death, a supreme plan, heaven or the psychology related to NDE (near death experiences).


If you believe you are a spiritual being having a human experience, you may also believe in heaven and a supreme plan. Believers understand that the Loving Universe pre-arranged only a finite time period for you to use your physical body while on earth. When some people get close to crossing back over to heaven from temporarily “being human” while on earth, they may have what is called a near death experience (NDE.)


What Happens During an NDE?

When the spirit comes out of the physical body, the person once again gets a glimpse of our spiritual home’s origins sometimes referred to as heaven. During an NDE, the experiencer usually feels an extraordinary sense of well being. He or she may feel his or her spirit lift out of the physical body he or she was using while on earth.


The person may “look below” at his or her human body positioned back on earth as if from a distance. But you can also think of the physical body left on earth as vibrating in a different realm. That’s why the spirit floats up to a higher realm or energetic frequency compared with the earth life realm of existence.


The experiencer might feel embraced in a brightly lit tunnel. Also reported by experiencers is reuniting with crossed over friends and relatives. If you have experienced an NDE, what conclusions have you drawn from the experience?


Who is Most Likely to Experience an NDE?

There are some categories of possible NDE candidates. The first one includes those involved in a serious accident.


After having a severe mishap, you may be subject to a spontaneous NDE due to the shock and/or stress of the accident. If the life-altering disaster causes serious physical disability such as Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or other physical disabilities, you may be severely shocked or stressed out.   If you are, the REAL you (your spirit) may come out of your physical body.


The NDE may occur as a defense mechanism. You may be trying to escape the stress of it all.


Stress comes when repeated attempts to function “normally” using a body that no longer can operate in a healthy way fail. Think of a self-reliant person. If he or she now has to rely almost totally on others to get through life, he or she may have an NDE. The NDE can occur with people in coma or vegetative state.


A second category likely to trigger an NDE may be for those undergoing surgical operations. If some unforeseen event triggers unexpected complications, the Universal Life Source Energy Body may be unable to hold an electro-chemical charge to your physical body. As the human version of you starts to slip away, you may have a spontaneous NDE.


A third miscellaneous category might include those who are seriously ill. If you are considered clinically “dead” for a short time period, you could have an NDE. When people have an NDE, they also call the event having an out-of-(physical)body experience.


What Happens During the Experience?

Many people recall feeling calm, carefree, relaxed, and a type of euphoric happiness. Numerous people talk about an infinitely loving bright white light beckoning them to come into it. There are those that recall floating “up” out of their physical body.


Upon returning from their NDE, those having surgical procedures done often give recounts of what they watched professional medical people do during surgery. Or, they report events seen as professionals start resuscitation attempts while the person is still on the operating table. How can you explain a “returned” person being able to accurately report actions done by medical staff while the person was dead? That’s just it. You can’t. There must be something real about having an NDE.



Life After “Death”

Accurately recounted NDE stories provide evidence there is a continued life after a human’s earthly experience. If you’ve had an NDE, you probably no longer feel afraid to “die.” That is a common after-affect of having an NDE.

Compelling Evidence of NDEs Being Real

NDErs often speak of their encounter as triggering a completely different outlook on life. If you are listening to their story and haven’t had an NDE yourself, don’t try to convince experiencers their incident was anything but real. They speak confidently and boldly about their happening.


Don’t try to minimize their experience or convince them they must have been dreaming, either. Trying to convince them that their experience was anything but real may cause mistrust between the both of you or worse, alienate your relationship with them.


They know heaven is for real. They firmly believe their experience was factual life evidence this earth existence is merely a temporary way to live.


So what about you? Have you had an NDE you’d like to share? If so, please tell me about it by email at [email protected]. I’d love to hear from you.