Figuring Out What Your Purpose Is

You are a priceless being here to express your feelings, to be welcomed, wanted, loved and respected for who you are. It is your divine purpose to respectfully love in all you do. How can you fill your life with … Read More

Start Young, Believe in a Happy Future

When does thinking positively and feeling encouraged during life start? When you’re young.   Do you believe that you live a happy, prosperous life? If so, that was probably your life model as a child. If we start while we … Read More

Believe and Care in What You Do

Do you believe and care in what you do? If you do, you can easily use your mind power to act as your authentic self. Conversely, when you have doubts and mistrust about your relationships and life activities, you delay … Read More

A Can Do It Attitude to Improve Life Quality

A woman called me on the phone last night feeling very upset. She heard a news broadcast about hundreds of people losing their jobs. Feeling very sad about the people who lost their job, she started imagining she would probably … Read More