Start Young, Believe in a Happy Future

When does thinking positively and feeling encouraged during life start? When you’re young.


Do you believe that you live a happy, prosperous life? If so, that was probably your life model as a child. If we start while we are young believing in a happy future, we oftentimes get what we expect!


Hearing supportive, loving, encouraging words as a child becomes ingrained in your mind. A happy, prosperous life seems natural to you. But what about people raised in an abusive, discouraging, pessimistic environment? They can learn to think optimistically! Isn’t it great that the opportunity to turn your life around exists? And it all begins by thinking.


All Behavior Is Based In Thought

When we think optimistically, we actually emit optimistic thoughts from our brain and mind. You already know what I mean and you intuitively do it. By practicing doing it more often, you develop a routine of attracting prosperity into your life more regularly.


Know somebody in your life that you absolutely LOVE being around?   This person is chipper, with an almost unbelievably happy outlook on life. If you asked this person what makes him or her so happy, that individual will probably say something like, “I can choose to be happy or I can choose to be unhappy. Being happy is more fun, so that’s what I choose for me.”


When we believe in and care about feeling happy, we naturally express gratitude and appreciation for life. We do our best to tell people how much we appreciate them and they naturally reciprocate. This is a basic law of the science of vibratory matching. The vibration you send out is the one you easily magnetize to you. It really is that easy to be happy. The trick is developing the skill and being committed to doing it every day.

You Are A Powerful Being!

Do you take your ability to consciously think for granted? If so, you have little idea of what a powerful being you are. When you focus on thinking and talking about the happy things in your life, you create an energy field that attracts more happy events and relationships into your life.


Conversely, when you speak in terms of doubts and those you mistrust in your relationships and life activities, you delay feeling emotionally safe and secure in your world. And you energetically magnetize to you more about which to feel afraid, worried and uncertain.


The way we feel the most satisfied and fulfilled in life is to focus on how rich and wealthy we already are. When you look around you and realize you are so very fortunate to have what you have, get to do what you do and become what you’ve become, you see that you are already living happily.


People who passionately believe in expressing gratitude and appreciation for what they already have, get to do and be naturally attract more prosperous and happy situations into their daily life. It is your “normal” and you do live joyfully.

Are You Pregnant?

The beautiful developing life within you is looking to you to help him or her believe in a happy future. When I was pregnant with my second son (Keenan) I got books on how to have a happier and smarter baby. I started talking to my belly where he was living.


I made a tape recording with my voice on it with all kinds of encouraging statements and stories. I started providing training when he was young to believe in a happy future. I believe this is one of the main reasons he is SO happy now in life. He believes in his happy future and he is living it!


I’d love to hear about what encouraging thoughts you are providing for your baby, your spouse, children and friends. Please share how you are living your happy future each day right now with me at [email protected]!