Figuring Out What Your Purpose Is

You are a priceless being here to express your feelings, to be welcomed, wanted, loved and respected for who you are. It is your divine purpose to respectfully love in all you do. How can you fill your life with happiness from that purposeful mindset? By including yourself into life situations from the viewpoint of assuming you are already loved and respected for who you are.


If you go about your life looking to involve yourself in life situations where you expect to be loved and respected for who you are, you attract that behavior from others into your relationships. If you believe you don’t deserve to be loved and respected for who you are, you will not attract it.


Whatever you want in life must be cultivated. Like the gardener who plants seeds and expects to see flowers or vegetables appear as a result of planting those specific seeds, you must plane and cultivate love and respect for yourself before you can attract it from others. So, if you want love and respect in your life situations and relationships, let’s call that your “what” of life.


Okay, so now you know “what” you want. What about the “why” of your life…WHY do you want to feel loved and respected for who you are? The answer is really quite simple. It is your nature to want to feel loved and respected for who you are. It’s true. It is innate within the human species to want to feel accepted, approved of, unconditionally loved and respected for who you are. But if you won’t treat yourself that way, don’t expect others to treat you that way either.


If you think you have to act unlike yourself in certain situations and relationships to “prove” you are worthy of being loved and respected for who you are, something happened along the way. It is unnatural to believe you are only occasionally worthy of being loved and respected for who you are. How can you change this unnatural way of being? By changing your thoughts. When you change your thoughts you can change your life.


How do we change thoughts conditioned into us to believe we are only “deserving” of being lovingly respected when we act like others want us to act? Stop performing tasks anticipating you’ll be rewarded with human decency AFTER you make life convenient for someone else first. This is a very unnatural way to live life.   It is a matter of human decency to love and respect yourself and others. To stop living from an “I was victimized and mistreated in the past” memory mindset “so I have to continue living from that mindset now or forever” can be reversed. You return to living from your innate desire to be treated with human decency always by changing the thoughts you think NOW.


Today, right now, start assuming that you and those in your relationships naturally desire to be treated with love and respect. When you think using this mindset, it begins by using patience. When you patiently cultivate change, change happens.


For example, slow down and expect that no one can think or do things exactly the way you would prefer them at all times. When others seem to do things more slowly or differently than the way you’d be able to do it, work with their level of ability.


For example, it is unrealistic to think that a five-year-old child can automatically be able to tie his or her shoes with an experienced adult’s years of shoe-typing mastery. A five year old is just developing the small motor skills of shoe-typing. But, if you, the adult, want to hurry to get to some adult obligation, you may impatiently expect the child to be able to hurry and quickly tie his or her shoes.


How often do we expect others to just “do things OUR way” to make life convenient for us because that’s what we want? If we do it often enough, we may forever alienate that relationship and additionally cause psychic damage to the other person. So, this is a situation where you can change your thoughts to change your life. Stop making such a big deal of things taking longer than you prefer. In the infinite scheme of things, does doing things faster or better than someone else really make all that difference?


In any life situation or interpersonal relationship example, think about how your behavior may pessimistically affect others. Imagine being in the position of the other person and YOU being asked to figure out how to make life convenient for the other individual when you simply don’t know what you don’t know to achieve a certain task. Pondering this example, you might be able to see how to change your own thoughts to change the relationship affect with others.

All Behavior First Must Be Done With a Thought Instruction

When we think about how to mutually respect ourselves and others in life situations and relationships, we actually perceive first that mutual respect behavior is what we want. The more often we love and respect ourselves, the more often we will encourage that behavior, in our model to the outside world, with others.


Would you love to be the somebody everyone absolutely LOVES being around?   To BE this person, you must first love and respect yourself. Then you will become this behavior model for attracting more people like that.

Use Your Loving, Respectful Life Attitudes To BE Loved and Respected

Do you take your life purpose to show love and respect to heart? If so, you think from your heart. Thinking and acting from your heart is a wonderful place from which to BE. So, what are some of your ideas about how to act from the heart? I’d love to hear your stories of compassion where love and respect made all the difference in your life.


Please share how you are living your purposeful life to be happy each day right now with me at [email protected]!