What is Consciousness?

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What is Consciousness?

Susan Fox, CH, AA

Consciousness, a mind state, makes possible you feeling aware of a specific set of details in a certain set of surroundings. The state of awareness invisibly works with your intuition, your mental capacity, your nervous system and other abilities beyond our human comprehension.

In this article, I’d like to talk about consciousness and how to develop it, especially as an ability to communicate with those in coma or vegetative state. This skill can be especially helpful when you are a caregiver for someone soon to experience natural physical body death who has already lapsed into coma.

Conscious Expression

When people start to lose human consciousness at the end of their earth journey, they often stop talking. In addition to no longer speaking much, food no longer seems appealing. People nearing the end of their physical journey sleep a lot.   They sleep because their spirit may feel exhausted trying to continue animating their physical body on earth.

Sometimes those on earth in their final days lapse into a coma. Or, a person may be in vegetative state. Their body still partly functioning they desire less and less water, food and start to experience body system shut down.

During their systems shutting down, they lose crystal clear conscious awareness of their world because they are transitioning from the physical world back to the spiritual world. No longer do you see the same degree of conscious life expression from them. They close their eyes. They keep sleeping when you ask them questions. The life cycle completing itself directs the person to “let go” of earthly cares.

Giving Permission

When someone experiences the stages of natural physical body “death” they know change. Change makes this stage of life possible. If you let go of the idea that your loved one must stick around a long as possible to help you, you may make their transition and your acceptance of things, challenging.

As a survivor of the transitioning loved one, it becomes necessary for you, too, to let go. If you hold on, you may cause them to suffer. No one likes to suffer. Therefore, it’s important that you find a way to let your loved one go.

Consciously Holding On

Some people refuse to let go of a loved one. This can be a conscious or unconscious action.

Energy courses through our bodies. It is our power source we use to animate life on earth. If you hold on to the energetic connection you have between you and your loved one, you may be delaying your loved one’s earth life journey.

But, you can be conscious you are doing this. By focusing on wanting good things for your loved one, you can meditate on mentally letting go.

Since you would never want to be held back from your destiny, you may need help energetically letting go of your loved one. To get this help, you can simply mentally rehearse letting go of things. This is a great way to develop neural pathways in your brain to support the bon voyage event for your loved one in coma.

This person NEEDS to know you will let him or her let go. You can also consciously say to him or her, “It’s okay for you to go. If you go now, you will be waiting for me when I come back home. So go on ahead and go. I’ll be with you again sooner than I can imagine.”

Why is Developing Your Consciousness Ability Valuable?

If you are a primary caregiver supporting a loved one going through the natural death process, being consciously aware of what to do to improve life quality for your loved one helps you develop deeper compassion and appreciation for life. You can develop your consciousness ability simply by relaxing and accepting that the Divine is now and always has been in complete control of this process.

Letting Go Meditation

Allow yourself to meditate on what letting go will be like when your turn comes to complete your earth life’s journey. Respect, unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness for wrongs done, authentic peace all are parts of the puzzle to experience a peaceful earth life completion.

It takes consciousness to know what these feelings are. I urge you to meditate on what these feelings feel like to you. Then, simply practice letting go of the human side of life and be one with the Divine. You already have the mental tools to do it. But if you need some help, I can help you with that.

Do your best to be practical about the “letting go” process for loved ones ready to cross the bridge back to our spiritual world. When it becomes your turn to do the same, you will already have an idea of the way you want things for yourself during the process.

Value In Developing the Consciousness Skill

There is a lot of value in developing your skill of being consciously aware of things important to you and loved ones. If you feel the feeling and are consciously aware of how to experience an improved quality of life, you will agree to let go. Allowing yourself to let go helps you be well on your way to developing the skill of being a master of conscious living.

Are you conscious of the way you want to live in your world? If not, and you want to develop these abilities, call me today for a free consultation in the US and Canada at (740) 531-0400. Let’s talk about it. You’ll be happy you did! Or email me with your questions about it at [email protected]!