What is Brain and Mind Fitness?

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What is Brain and Mind Fitness?

by Susan Fox, CH, AA

You are actually two beings in one highly intelligent energy “package.” You are a spiritual being AND you are a human being.

You Think Two Basic Types of Thoughts – Human and Divine

The two parts of YOU think human thoughts and Divine, spiritual thoughts. The spiritual thoughts come deep from within you from a highly intelligent, spiritual source of wisdom. When you allow the spiritual version of you to guide you while you are on earth, and follow its guidance, things always turn out for your highest Divine purpose. But, when you mainly make decisions from your human “best guesses,” using mainly your brain’s viewpoints, sometimes you create self-limiting or self-sabotaging outcomes for yourself.

Needing to make errors in judgment seems to be an important part of developing our life skills. We all do it because we are infinitely loved by our Divine Creator.

What Do We Use To Think?

When we think thoughts, we use mind to create those thoughts. At least that’s how the idea is presented about the still largely unknown thinking universe.

The thinking tool we call mind is a theory. There is nothing physical about a human’s mind. Instead, it is an intelligent, energy based, invisible tool we use to create things. And, by using thoughts, we can feel and use them to physically affect us.

Love The Life You Live By Thinking Loving Thoughts

After we think thoughts, then we, as humans, interpret them using our brain. By thinking and following Divine, Unconditionally Loving thoughts, we focus on developing expansive soul skills. These skills help the human version of us understand the value of unconditionally loving and unconditionally forgiving to genuinely love the life we live.

Conversely, by thinking mainly human thoughts (“I can do this by myself!”) types of thoughts about how to survive this earth life experience, we seem to battle for a position in mind. We focus on “experiencing things our preferred way.” In Ned Hermann’s book, The Creative Brain, he calls this phenomenon brain dominant preference.

Each of us comes into this human world with pre-programmed likes and dislikes. Essentially, brain dominant preferences include our likes and dislikes. When we get what we want the most often, we “like” getting our way. When we dislike something, we feel as though we are NOT getting our way in life.

Once you understand your own brain dominant preferences for life, you can understand yourself better and be happier. This is one strategy we teach at Brainview Training institute. Happiness strategies by understanding the brain’s 4 unique, basic views about life helps us all be genuinely happy.

Your Brain’s 4 Basic Ways of Knowing

Using Ned Herrmann’s model, as the human you, your brain is divided into two sides or halves, also called hemispheres. We divide each hemisphere further into two parts, also called quadrants.

Each brain quadrant has the equivalent of a living computer software program in it. In this program, we process information from these distinctive brain intentions, perspectives or viewpoints.

We get instructions from these internal programs and make life decisions using them. I call them thoughtware programs because we activate them by thinking. To make happier decisions, it really is necessary to work with all 4 of these internal thinking programs. That includes working with the people around us as well.

The brain’s 4 viewpoints can be summarized thusly:

Efficiency – lower left

Accuracy – upper left

Creative imagination – upper right

Generating cooperative relationships – lower right

You Are An Actor On Earth Thinking and Improvising All Your Life

We live life via interactive relationships by playing specific roles. We act out our lives according to our brain’s unique viewpoints or thinking style preferences as we experience each life situation. We build relationship skills and use them with other people or for our personal development.

Communication Is The Key to Happy Living

By understanding that each person values life according to the brain’s 4 basic viewpoints and a blend of those viewpoints, we develop happy relationships. For example, when efficiency seems more important than accuracy, creative imagination or generating cooperative relationships in a situation, this can cause conflict within and interpersonally. The solution is to help the efficiency expert see the value in the other three ways of knowing life.

When it comes to accuracy seeming more important than efficiency, creative imagination or generating cooperative relationships in a situation, this also can cause human communication conflict within and interpersonally. The solution is to help the perfectionist see the value in the other three ways of knowing life.

Regarding creative imagination… when efficiency, accuracy or generating cooperative relationships in a situation seems less important, the person preferring to creatively contribute needs to also consider the value the other three brain quadrants can contribute. But this can be challenging since the person who loves to creatively imagine and contribute also loves to be the center of attention. The solution is to help the creative imaginer see the value in what the other three quadrants offer. Largely, this requires a great deal of patience for those who think according to their own unique natures.

And finally, when generating cooperative relationships and acting sensitive to the needs of others seems more important than efficiency, accuracy or creatively imagining to entertain, the sensitive part of us needs to be reassured that everything is okay. The other parts don’t mean to act insensitive, they are just being themselves and acting according to THEIR own nature.

Now that you understand a little bit more about who you really are, as a spiritual being having a human experience, doesn’t it make sense to know the real keys to happiness being both YOUS? If you believe it does, then manifesting and living in Infinite Affluence while here on earth requires further learning.

Brainview Training Institute teaches students the human AND spiritual side of life. Developing soul skills and abilities starts with basics and builds on them.

For personalized coaching about using the mind body spirit brain connection, contact me, Susan Fox at [email protected]. Or, in the US and Canada please call anytime at (740) 531-0400 and leave a message. I will call you back as soon as I can.