Welcome To The Mind Body Spirit Coach, Cleveland, Ohio and Alternative Health Stress Reduction Coach Susan Fox, CH, AA To Clear Energy Blocks

at Brainview Training Institute

Mind Body Spirit Coach Susan Fox conveniently trains and coaches women globally using alternative health stress reduction techniques to clear energy blocks. She coaches women over the internet and locally in Ohio at the following locations:

Avon, Ohio, and Avon Lake, Cleveland, North Ridgeville, Sheffield Lake, Westlake, Lakewood, Rocky River and Bay Village


Do You Relate To Any Of These?

Your husband, children, pets, in-laws, co-workers, neighbors, squirrels outside, etc., simultaneously request your immediate attention to them. Overwhelm sets in as you temporarily feel immobilized and unable to choose who gets your time first… (you, or someone else)


Someone wants you to give a public presentation. The very thought of speaking before an audience sends a gut-wrenching, intimidating, lightning bolt of fear through you that makes you sweat at night…


Your in-laws’ incessant criticism of how you live your life stirs up anger inside that keeps you tied-up in knots. You feel unclear how to indifferently listen to them…


It’s a holiday that triggers the deep, unresolved grief you feel remembering that your deceased loved one no longer can hug and kiss you or just be here with you…


Your loved one brings you chocolates every week knowing you love it. You keep eating it because you don’t want to hurt his feelings while secretly wanting him to stop because you know sugar is poison to your body…

Upset feelings are examples of energy blocks. You can clear blocked energy naturally. It simply takes training and using that instruction to clear energy blocks.


The alternative health techniques on this website, designed to clear energy blocks, have nothing to do with any religion or medical condition.  You simply build skills using your mind/spirit/body connection in a way that creates energy system balance.

When you get the training you need, your entire life can change for the better. You can reduce or eliminate feeling alone, afraid, disappointed, overwhelmed, hopeless and/or misunderstood. My clients use these techniques that really work.  Just ask them!

Here’s The Bottom Line…

I’ve had more than one car accident.  The last one in 1991 separated my L5 vertebra. To effectively manage back pain, migraine headaches, and other painful effects from accidents and simply living, I clear energy blocks. I have discovered using hypnosis, chakra clearing, chiropractic, homeopathic remedies, NLP, EFT, Jin Shin Jyutsu and other energy block clearing techniques how to be mobile and relatively pain free. I believe you can be more mobile and pain free, too, once you use these same techniques.

Think of your body as an energy system. Energy courses through your body. When your body’s energetic system pathways become blocked, they signal you. When you clear blocked energy, you feel better.

Feeling unnatural overwhelm, fear, anger, grief or acting unlike your real self causes energy system blocks that hold you back in life. These blockages transform into physical body aches and pains. Aches, pains, low energy, brain fog, unclear communication ability, all are examples of energy imbalances.

When energy imbalance signals consciously alert you, pay attention.  They appear because you did something.  Luckily you can free yourself from the negative effects of energy blocks by doing something new and different. These natural energy block clearing abilities were designed into you at birth.  Let me show you how to find and use them.


 Mind Body Spirit Coach Susan Fox helps you understand how to effectively clear energy blocks!

Contact me at [email protected] and lets talk about it! – Hugs, Susan


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