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Do you feel respected, valued and accepted for who you are in your relationships? Or, do you unconsciously put your basic needs last? If you keep doing this, when can you ever be for you? To live in love you must first FEEL love for yourself as you are. If you are living without feeling truly loved for who you are, you are probably living in fear instead of in love. Can Mind Body Spirit Coach Susan Fox provide training that leads you back into love? Yes! You CAN learn how to think about yourself (and others) in loving, respectful ways. This naturally reduces stress and improves your relationships.

Fear sucks the joy out of your life. Unnatural, conditionally trained, socially conditioned, mental fear is an example of an energy block. Luckily, you can change from thinking and mentally living in a fear- and worry-based environment to a genuinely respectful and loving way of being. Change your thoughts and you change your behavior!

Knowledge is power. Your thoughts are energy tools used in your brain, mind & spirit. You are actually an energy system. The thoughts you think reflect into and affect your physical form. These thoughts also influence your natural ability to be truly happy as your real self.

You can heal yourself from the negative effects of self-sabotaging thoughts by changing the image you have of yourself. Will you give yourself permission to be who YOU choose to be?

To BE empowered you must FEEL empowered. Our feelings drive us to behave in any certain way. Feeling empowered happens when you clear energy blocks you inadvertently and unknowingly store in your mind’s memory banks.

You can feel comfortable BEING who YOU want to be. Willing to see life through love’s eyes? Let’s chat!

Do You Relate To Any Of These Feelings?

You feel like pulling your hair out feeling unloved, disrespected, unappreciated, and taken for granted because you don’t know how to stand up for yourself …


Afraid of being rejected when you start satisfying your basic needs first instead of obsessively people-pleasing first (this fear keeps you from sleeping well at night) …


As an entrepreneur, feeling frustrated having to do marketing because you feel incompetent doing it! (It irritates you to admit you have to pay for someone else to do your marketing because you are otherwise a very smart person – hint needing to outsource marketing has nothing to do with your intelligence levels.) …


The complementary health techniques on this website, designed to clear energy blocks, have nothing to do with any religion or medical condition.  You simply build skills using your mind/spirit/body connection in a way that creates an energy system balance.

When you get the training you need, your entire life can change for the better. You can reduce or eliminate feeling alone, afraid, disappointed, shameful, incompetent (which directly affects and perpetuates shame feelings for no logical reason) overwhelmed, hopeless and/or misunderstood. My clients use these techniques that really work.  Just ask them!

 Mind Body Spirit Coach Susan Fox helps you understand how to effectively clear energy blocks!

Contact me at brainviewtraininginstitute@gmail.com and lets talk about it! – Hugs, Susan


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