Welcome to the Brainview Blog.  In my blog you’ll read about ways you can clear energy blocks.  Whenever you feel upset, it is due to blocked energy.  As a mind body spirit coach I teach you how to think holistically.  With holistic thinking you can clear energy blocks.  By opening up your mind to new ways of thinking, you can use natural ways to feel better.

I encourage you to write me and tell me what you love.  Email me with your questions and comments.  When we focus on what you love, and how to get it naturally, life is just better!

You Are An Energetic System

Energy courses through your body. Think of your body as an energy system. Harmoniously vibrating energy creates wellness in your body.  When your body system pathways become blocked, those blocks appear in your physical body as disharmony. How to clear energy blocks? Simple. It begins by tapping into your mind/body/spirit connection.

What Else Might You Read in The Brainview Blog?

I suggest ideas that help you tap into your inner mind body spirit coach, your intuition.  When you go with your gut, in other words your intuition, you may get an entirely different perspective on life.  Using a natural guide (your intuition) you can rid yourself of blocked energy holding you back in life.  Blog posts suggest ideas, share stories, give tips, strategies and hope that you can experience natural well-beingness.

Ever feel alone?  That is NOT your intuition guiding you to feel alone.  It is only your human mind telling you to feel that feeling.  The truth is, you can feel any feeling you choose to feel.  Sometimes when you get too bogged down believing IN to your subconscious mind through your conscious mind worldly ideas, you start to feel alone.  The Brainview Blog suggests that you think for yourself from an inner place.

If you believe you are unable to live up to worldly expectations of what true happiness is, you create and/or access untrue and unnatural mind chatter. Your intuition never guides you to believe IN through your conscious mind stressful ideas.  Instead, it encourages you to imagine and believe IN mindfulness meditations of peace, harmony and happiness.  Throughout the Brainview Blog you’ll read ideas about mindfulness.

Are you struggling with some kind of pain either physical, mental or spiritual?  These “pains” are tied to energy blocks.  Together, let’s clear those blocked energy pathways.  You’ll feel so much better eliminating self-limiting and often self-sabotaging views of life.

Please read the blog posts I write here and share them with your friends.  Write me an email at [email protected] and ask for my free ebook Woman’s Intution: Are You Open To It?  You’ll love it!

Catch you in the harmony!


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