Hope and goodwill

Janie has a message for you right now. Will you be friends with her? She can help you feel hopeful and happy if you just choose to become her friend!

Looking for hope and goodwill? My friend Janie shares messages of hope and goodwill. People shackled with hopelessness need inspiration and motivations.  When you feel hope return, you discover what makes life meaningful. Need hope? See Janie!

Hope and Goodwill Helps You Discover What Makes Life Meaningful

People in chronic pain, in nursing homes rehabilitating, struggling through serious conditions like cancer or other illnesses often feel alone, isolated, very sad. They may be grieving trying to just get through each moment.  However, having a different focus can uplift you.  That’s where my friend Janie shares her love, oblivious optimism and positive thinking to cheer you up!

When my son was dying, there were times I wanted to give up. That was on Father’s Day, 1988. One of the most important things that got me through those challenging times was finding hope and goodwill. When you are in serious pain or confined to your home as a caregiver for a loved one, you can lose hope.  That’s why I thought Janie might be a good friend for you.

Janie helps us all remember that to find joy in a tough situation, we must look for it or create it for ourselves. As we continue to find the good mixed in with all the challenges in our lives, it is a testament to our faith in the possible.  When we feel like something different and good is possible from our struggles, we create hope for ourselves.

My little friend Janie represents the hopeful part of us all. When we remember to find time to laugh and let ourselves be cheered up, we create hope. So, let Janie give you a reason to feel better. Ask her questions.  Tell her what brings meaning and purpose into your life.  It will help you feel better! Feeling better helps you improve the quality of your life!