Hypnotic Script Writing Secrets And Other Hypnosis Tips The Masters Use
Hypnotic Script Writing Secrets And Other Hypnosis Tips The Masters Use

You are a new or seasoned consulting hypnotist or hypnotherapist. You want to suggest dynamite hypnotic suggestions in your own scripts. But it would really be nice to have the benefit of an “old timer” as you write out your scripts. Enter Hypnotic Script-Writing Secrets and Other Hypnosis Tips The Masters Use.

Susan Fox started writing hypnosis scripts in 1988. After writing 33 professional hypnosis application programs and books, she decided to include some of her best hypnosis script-writing secrets in this book.

Formal hypnosis scripts come in three parts. Do you know what those three parts are called?

Do you know what a bind and double bind are? Do you know the disadvantages of using homophones and homonyms in hypnosis scripts? Did you know how symbols can improve your script? Want to find the answer to these and other burning questions about formally writing hypnosis scripts that help clients experience exceptional transformations? If so you want to get this amazing script-writing book.

This book, the same one sold by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) helps you tremendously improve your hypnotic script-writing. Susan Fox, internationally known hypnotic script-writing expert shares her incredible secrets for effective script-writing in this book. If you’ve read her column in the NGH professional journal, you already know she focuses on the meat of the matter in her books. At only $32.95 USD this book is a steal. Get your copy instantly and dive into this download today as you discover how to write scripts that really pop! For practitioners only.

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Near Death Experiences
Near Death Experiences

Have You Ever Had Near Death Experiences?

You know what’s hard? Not knowing what to do or say about having a near death experience (NDE). Or, being unprepared to help your parents who may have an NDE. Do you believe in heaven, a master plan, life after life? If so, get some new insights on what you believe in Near Death Experiences by Susan Fox, CH, AA.

A lot of people believe that having an NDE is uncommon. But turns out, according to several surveys taken, almost 2 billion people globally have had an NDE. Now granted, these are only the people willing to admit they’ve had near death experiences. What about those who have had one but feel like they can’t tell anybody? That person might be you…

And some people have MORE than one…take me for instance. I’ve had 3 NDEs. After I had the first one, I feel completely at peace about the natural death process. I see life differently than a lot of people. I can’t wear a watch because they just stop working. I can’t use electronic devices because they either put me to sleep because of their vibratory mismatch to mine or, they don’t work right.

Have you had an NDE and now you don’t do well around electronic devices? That’s okay. Some people are a lot different after having near death experiences.

Are Your Aging Parents Having Near Death Experiences?

When people get ready to cross over from this life to the next, they commonly have near death experiences. If you are taking care of your aging parents, wouldn’t it be great to know what happens during the crossing over process?  What would it mean to you to give Mom or Dad peace about the crossing over process?  Or, could you imagine being free from fear if you ever have one of these experiences?  What price are you willing to pay for peace of mind?

Here are some ideas about caring for your aging parents. They might be usable for any palliative care purposes for anyone.


In this book I’ve compiled a lot of information about what it feels like when your spirit leaves your physical body and then comes back. Think about this if you are a Baby Boomer taking care of an aging parent. If you want to know what to say or do when your mom or dad has an NDE, you’ll get a lot of ideas in this book.

I’ve worked with thousands of people in trauma. I’ve done my fair share of palliative care for people and pets. And a lot of people want to know what happens during an NDE. You can find out in this book.

You’ll discover this book is unlike any other book on near death experiences. Why? Because I’ve revealed specific instructions on how to understand the energy side of NDEs. I’ve included an amazingly simply yet profoundly enlightening exercise that lets you tap into the REAL you, the spirit you. Once you read through this book, and do the hands exercise, you’ll come to see yourself differently.

Okay, so it’s time to download the book and start reading. This stuff will blow your mind because it is so in your face real!  Get it for yourself.  Get it because you want to be prepared when it’s time for your parents to cross over.  Get it because there is NOTHING like it anywhere else.  Just get it!

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Pain, Stress and Tension Comfort
Pain, Stress and Tension Comfort – Hypnotic Scripts for Professional Hypnotists

Naturally Create Pain, Stress and Tension Comfort Using Mind Power

You know what’s unacceptably hard?  Relentlessly suffering in pain.  Your body feels trapped in misery. You’re worn beyond words.  Every movement is an effort!  At night you may only sleep in spurts even though you’re exhausted.  Not only does your body hurt constantly, your painkillers only work some of the time!

The exorbitant monthly prescription bill torments your wallet adding insult to injury. How does regularly renewing your prescription provide a long-lasting, realistic pain solution?  This answer is, IT DOESN’T!  You know what DOES effectively help clients naturally eliminate or reduce pain?  Mind power!

The hypnotic scripts written in Pain, Stress and Tension Comfort provide compelling suggestions that release pain’s grip from your client’s mind and body.  As their beloved hypnotist, you use the scripts and your hypnotically soothing voice to compassionately guide clients to gentle relief.  You’ll secretly love the feeling of knowing your expertise brought life and freedom back into their bodies.  Give your clients the relief they’ve been longing to find in Pain, Stress and Tension Comfort.

These are the titles and techniques you’ll find in this book’s ten scripts:

·        Accepting Comfort and Relief – Ideomotor Response Technique

·        All Together Now– Different Hats Technique

·        Allowing Your Life to Be Good– Anchoring Technique

·        Allowing Yourself to Be Physically Comfortable – Inner Wisdom Technique

·        Asking For and Receiving Help – Inner Wisdom Technique

·        Pain Relief Can Come Instantly Or Over Time – Color Modality Technique

·        Comfort and Pain Relief On Your Own Terms – Sliding Scale Technique

·        Releasing Negativity – Inner Wisdom Technique

·        Unlocking Pain and Tension – Lock and Key Technique

·        Unraveling Pain, Tension and Stress – Yarn Ball Technique (Metaphysical)

Contains a bonus section of positive affirmations custom created for each of the 10 scripts in this fantastic book.  Improve your skill for natural pain, stress and tension relief learning each of the individual techniques in the scripts.  You have GOT to have this book of scripts!  A steal at the price!

Susan Fox is one of the profession’s top script writers. She has delivered once again with Pain, Stress and Tension Comfort Techniques.  Chock full of manifesting techniques and resources for delivering relief from feelings associated with pain and stress, this book is a good investment for any hypnosis professional.
– Constance Grant, Consulting Hypnotist, Canada

Susan’s wealth of knowledge and professional experience gives her the ability to craft gentle, simple yet powerful scripts that will appeal to both the newly qualified and the more experienced hypnotherapist.    Leslie Bonnick, Hypnotherapist, UK

Ebook now only $32.95

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Snoozing With A Snorer audio program
Snoozing With A Snorer Sleep Training Program

Snoozing With A Snorer Sleep In The Same Room Again with Your Snorer Improve Your Relationship with Your Snoring Loved One Get The Above Three Benefits And MORE with This 15 Minute Self-Hypnosis Program Once upon a time, in a … Read More

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Sixty second stress relief training program
The 60 Second Stress Reduction Technique

One afternoon, I stepped onto a 40-passenger shuttle flight back to Ohio after attending the annual National Guild Of Hypnotist’s convention. After boarding the plane, I stepped into the back and handed my business card to the flight attendant while … Read More

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The Coma Whisperer

In The Coma Whisperer, professional clinical hypnotist Susan Fox shares her captivating experience with clinically dead and then revived, eight-year-old Jonathan. This story, based on actual events, reveals proof positive you can reduce stress and communicate with some people in a vegetative state using guided imagery and positive suggestion.

If you are a baby boomer or a caregiver, this book offers hope, love, and comfort and may help you understand a deeper purpose as a caregiver. Reading Jonathan’s story, you’ll get information supporting the belief we never die.

Moving and inspiring, this account gives the process of how to connect. Imagine becoming a caregiver who knows how to effectively speak to someone in a consciously-challenged state. The Coma Whisperer gives you a glimpse into the power of words for bringing unconditional love and peace to a comatose/vegetative state loved one.

New questions may surface about the afterlife as Susan presents a controversial and unique perspective.  How well can those in coma or vegetative state connect with their caregivers?  This is an amazing and courageous account of how caregivers can uniquely improve quality of life.

Overwhelmingly positive in nature, the extraordinary story of The Coma Whisperer may forever change the way you see your world.  Here spirituality emerges through a mix of science and actual life experience.  Find uplifting connections and awaken the spirit within while exploring life’s possibilities…

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The Control Panel Technique
The Control Panel Technique

How Can The Control Panel Technique Give Your Clients Natural Pain Relief?

Did you know that the most successful consulting hypnotists are the ones that know and can use many different hypnosis methods and techniques?  How prepared are you to meet and surpass your clients’ many challenges? The Control Panel Technique helps clients use the power of their own mind to manage pain, focus, concentration skills, worry, just about any thought-based, self-limiting habit. 

Several different cutting edge hypnosis techniques ensure you are fully prepared to guide your clients to successful challenge resolution.  Once again Susan Fox helps her colleagues in her phenomenally explicit The Control Panel Technique.

The Control Panel Technique Helps You Feel Empowered

Contained in this thoroughly explained ebook you get hypnosis scripts that can help return wellness harmony to the physical body.  She uses her personal ‘hot gall bladder’ experience to show how it all works. Imagine what it would feel like to be more empowered, confident and happy.  What would that be like for you and your clients?

As an added bonus, she shows you how to work with chronic pain.

Going the extra mile for you, she jam packs The Control Panel Technique with a prosperity attracting script. This easy to read book for professional hypnotists is a great addition for your weight loss and stop smoking clients, too.

And, as a final bonus, she reveals a unique case where a teen-aged client suffering from dyslexia and manic depression used The Control Panel Technique to shut off the head noise distracting him from doing well in school.  You’ll love discovering how she describes how he successfully helped himself in school using a clever ideomotor response mechanism.  It is PURE genius.  Just added is a script using The Control Panel Technique for Cancer Clients. At only $29.95 USD this ebook is a MUST HAVE steal for your hypnosis training library. For practitioners only.


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