One Minute Meditation For Letting Go Of False Pretense

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Imagine being in this scenario, socializing with a group of Baby Boomers. Looking around at the group members, you become deeply interested in Ted’s story about Alzheimer’s.  He’s talking about his mother.  Wanting to act strong in front of those … Read More

One Minute Meditation for Releasing Anger

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Anger… we have all felt this emotion.  Tensing up your body and holding anger in creates imbalanced brain chemistry.  Imbalanced chemistry can lead to physical problems such as headaches, high blood pressure, confusion, chaos and general unhappiness.  Releasing anger is … Read More

One Minute Meditation For Letting Go of Fear

With stress being a regular part of your life, meditating daily can be a natural way to support wellness. Remember, a person’s environment is more than just the air you breathe.  It includes your relationship environments, the food you eat, … Read More